Like music, golf can reinvigorate the soul. A crisp shot sailing through the air of an ocean view amongst the company of those you love… It is genuine contentment, absolute presence, and the feeling we strive for with every shot. As Shivas Irons would say, “True Gravity.” A well played shot is a well played note. The reward and sense of accomplishment the same.

Scott Clark is the owner of Lostball Studios, the premier HD film studio in golf. In partnership with Atlantic Pictures (NY) he is producing The Nature of the Game, the definitive, inspirational film on the ethos of golf. The film and related artwork and ancillaries illuminate the human struggle and natural beauty that makes the game so endearing, fascinating, and for many, downright maddening. It’s Human Nature vs. Mother Nature in its richest form.

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Scott serves on the board of directors of the Shivas Irons Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit to advance the mindful pursuit of golf. The Society is named in honor of Shivas Irons, the mystical and talented golf professional introduced in Michael Murphy’s classic novel, Golf in the Kingdom. The Society is a global network of golfers committed to promoting golf’s value system, honoring the game’s history and Scottish roots and celebrating the game for its many beauties and virtues. The Society also produces a critically acclaimed art and literary journal that pays homage to the creative expression that the game has inspired.

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Scott is also a friend and advisor of Luke Kohl, Founder and Creative Director of Intergalactic Golf. With new and exciting media programming promoting the game amongst all nationalities and demographics, Intergalactic is catalyst for a new generation of players. Luke creates excitement and intrigue for golfers and non-golfers alike on courses, driving ranges, city centers, museums, clubs, and galleries around the world by day and night. He has gathered a world-class team of executives from academia, entertainment, publishing, golf tournament production, fashion, advertising, marketing, PR, and TV production, all in support of his projects. Amongst other things, Luke is currently producing The Millennium Tournament, a multi-media event in support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Golf, fashion, music, and entertainment for the benefit of all

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