If you have any questions about my skills, schedule, process and (always negotiable) fees, or would like to hear other samples of my music, hit me at scott@scottygoldmusic.com with as detailed an email as you’d like. I can be of service in the following ways, and if there’s something I can’t do I’ll be the first to admit it and will happily refer you to someone in my network.


Got lyrics with no music? Music with no lyrics? Ideas you can’t quite whip into shape? Songs that seem to run-on with no direction? Can’t write the HOOK?! I will help you shape your ideas into solid, professional songs. Songs you can use for gigs, albums, demos, or just your morning shower. Songs you’ll find personally rewarding that might even make you a star.


Need a hot guitar solo out of the bridge? A rhythm or riff to enhance the melody? I’m no John McLaughlin but I can play. And most importantly, I listen and think. Any vibe that’s rooted in blues, rock, funk, groove or the like… I’m your guy. I also take direction extremely well – if there’s something you wish to hear I will help you realize your vision, not mine.


Guitar player bail at the last minute? Singer without accompaniment? Need a last minute opener or closing act for your set? See above, and if your music fits the bill, I’ll try and save the day. Or if you just want to jam that’s cool, too!


Hard time ‘finding’ your voice? Feel like your songs are missing something? Need a helping hand in recording with Garageband? I’ve got the diverse musical sensibility to know what you need, where, and when you need it. It might be a single note, backup harmony, or a booming horn section. I can help you layer, balance, and polish your songs the way you hear it from the pros.